Detroit Catering Company Gives Graduation Party Tips

They’ve strived through four years of grueling homework, soul searching, and figuring out what they want out of life. Now that they’ve survived to the diploma, doesn’t your graduate deserve a day of celebration and relaxation? Celebrate this day the best way with a catered graduation party.  Start by contacting a Detroit catering company to prepare

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Pig Roast Catering for Michigan Summer Events

There is a lot of fun to look forward to this summer. Warmer weather gives you the chance to enjoy being outside, celebrate holiday parties or any other gathering. And every good get-together needs plenty of great food. If you want to host something that is a little different than hamburgers and hot dogs, why

Detroit Buffet Catering: 4 Reasons Why It’s the Perfect Choice

Are you looking for ways to serve a large group of people while also saving money? Buffet catering might just be the thing. A variety of professional catering companies offer all-you-can-eat delights. They're perfect for parties, weddings, business meetings, and more. You’ll be surprised how many benefits will come your way once you hire a

Choose Detroit BBQ Catering for Your Summer Events

Preparing for a BBQ in the Michigan Summer Even though you’re still waiting for winter to end, it's never too early to brainstorm for some summer fun. Perhaps you’re considering a catering a barbecue lunch with friends and family. Private parties are fun to host and a barbecue is great for summer holidays, like the

4 Tips from a Professional Catering Service in Macomb County

Do you think that catering companies only help with formal events? Well, you’ll be happy to know that catering services can be used at any kind of get together. The cost of catering has changed throughout the years and most businesses have been smart enough to bundle their services. This way, clients don’t have to

4 Reasons Why Hiring a Detroit Catering Company is Worth It

If you are the host of an upcoming event and you’re already stressing out about preparations, you’ll want to work smarter rather than harder. The best events have a friendly atmosphere, exciting food, and decent waiting services. Together, these qualities make for a memorable time, which is why hiring a professional catering company is definitely

Hire a Detroit Caterer for a Stress-Free Event

4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Catering Company It’s hard to imagine a holiday party, wedding, or graduation party without worry. As the host, you want to make your guests feel comfortable, welcomed, and well fed, but you also want to keep your sanity, right? Offering a nice variety of tantalizing treats and wholesome food

5 Reasons to Hire a Detroit Corporate Catering Company

Why You Should Cater Your Next Business Meeting If you have an important meeting coming your way and the success of your career hangs in the balance, making this get together extra special can go a long way. Catering your next business event can give your clients a great impression regarding your company. You’ll need

Consider Breakfast Catering for Your Detroit Holiday Party

3 Reasons to Host a Catered Breakfast for Employees This Holiday Season One of the best ways to celebrate the people in our lives and to make everyone happy is through food. Whether you’re hosting a party at home, a holiday meal, or a work event, hiring a catering service to supply a delicious variety