Detroit Caterer Gives 3 Tips For Planning a Fall Wedding

Detroit Caterer Gives 3 Tips For Planning a Fall Wedding

Fall is a magical time for having a wedding. The vibrant colors, breezy nights and cozy atmosphere all make for a wonderful evening centered around the warm company of family and friends. There are endless options you can choose from and this time of year can easily be made into a formal event, or one more casual. Below are a few tips you can start with when planning your fall wedding:

1. Prepare For Unpredictable Weather

You never know what the weather will be like in fall; It can decide to be sunny and warm one day, and cold and rainy the next. Because of its unpredictability, you must prepare for any situation. The best way to do so is to choose a venue that can accommodate unfavorable weather. Choosing an indoor venue may be the easiest way to make sure you and your guests will be sheltered, although, if an outdoor setting is your first choice, be sure to have portable heaters ready. A sunny day in fall can easily turn into a chilly evening and having heaters will make your evening much more enjoyable.

2. Choose The Venue

Once you have decided whether you would like an indoor or outdoor setting for your wedding and have made the required precautions, it is time to book the venue! There are many options available that would be great at celebrating the season. Some of these options include: a winery, barn, park, orchard, or a historic inn. All of these potential venues offer a more rustic atmosphere and would be wonderful for incorporating the changing leaves and autumn bounty. Fall is the time of year for wine, apples and cider and having your wedding at a winery or farm setting with a barn would be the perfect way to anchor in the theme of these natural treasures.

3. Celebrate The Season’s Colors With Decor

Now that the venue has been chosen, you need to put together the design for table settings and decor to fill the space with your wedding theme. What better way to decorate your venue space than by using the colors and textures already found in nature? Consider incorporating the vibrant colors of reds, yellows, and oranges to beautifully accent the outdoor views. You can also use farm produce amongst the table settings like pumpkins, leaves, vines, apples, and veggies like cabbage, kale and carrots to bring it all together. In order to ensure your decor isn’t too one-note, add in glamorous touches of golds or silvers to make it more elegant.

Another great option for decor if you don’t want to go with the more expected route is neutrals and earthy-tones to compliment the colors found outside. This includes taupes, greens and off-white and dark brown. You can paint pumpkins in metallic paint, or completely nix the seasons vegetables from your decor and choose elegant touches like candles and seasonal flowers like roses, sunflowers, mums and leafy greens.

Detroit Caterer Gives 3 Tips For Planning a Fall Wedding

Who says fall weddings can’t be as colorful, elegant and fun as summer events? You can plan and execute a beautiful, classic wedding with these fall wedding tips.

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