Detroit Catering Company Provides Tips for Class Reunions

Detroit Catering Company Provides Tips for Class ReunionsAre you the assigned host of your class reunion this year? Chances are, you may be overwhelmed at the thought of planning every aspect and creating an event that will make everyone happy. No one wants a “dud” class reunion, and they often can be. If you’re feeling stuck with where to begin planning the class reunion, start by speaking with a Detroit catering company. They have most likely helped organize many of these events before so they can some experience to assist you, and they can help to make the event a success.

Start by making a list of ideas and consider the tips listed below when planning your class reunion:

Set Your Theme

Although it seems obvious to make your theme your class colors, and it still remains a good idea, also consider integrating a more unique vibe. If the class reunion is to be in the summer, make it a beach bash or Hawaiian Luau. If it is during the fall, consider decorating with classic autumn decor, or, why not make it a costume party in celebration of Halloween? Most importantly, make it fun! Make it whimsical! If you do, your fellow alumni will never forget the class reunion you hosted. A catering company can help you decide on a theme and can suggest different meal options to go with each one.

Create Nostalgia with Fun Save-The-Dates and Decor

Upon choosing your theme, it is time to send the save the dates to give alumni plenty of time to plan for the reunion. Create your save the date cards with a little nostalgia in mind. Include photos from your graduating year, including prom snap shots and graduation. You could also include some fun trivia on the invite, including historical events that took place your graduating year, or events that happened at your school. Mention the class president, prom king and queen, school motto, and the popular hangout places kids would go after school. Everyone enjoys reminiscing about past times and guests will enjoy having the excuse to do so.

Plan the Food

Set up a meeting with your caterer to discuss the options for cuisine. Consider the theme you decided on to create a fun menu. A Luau theme could include traditional Hawaiian barbecue, and a Halloween costume party could be centered around whimsy, wacky dishes that resemble oozing blood, bugs, pumpkins and more. Or, if you want to keep it simple, ask your caterer about coming up with dishes from that time period when you were in high school. Also, take inspiration from the class favorite burger joint or cafe where you all used to hang out with friends. Your guests will be sure to love the evening if the food was planned to be fun and/or nostalgic.

One last thing: play the popular hits from your high school days. Chances are, your fellow alumni won’t have heard these select songs for many years and they will send many fun memories flooding back for everyone.

Detroit Catering Company Provides Tips for Class Reunions

Plan and host a class reunion that will be sure to please everyone attending with the tips listed above and the help from Detroit catering company, David Graham Events.

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