Detroit Hoiday Office Party CateringIf your Detroit holiday office party is coming up and you’re in charge of the planning, you may be starting to feel overwhelmed about now. After all, you have to plan a party at which your co-workers will have a good time while also keeping things appropriate. The holiday party planning can be daunting, but there are ways to make everyone happy, from your colleagues to your boss. Here are a few tips to keep you in everyone’s good books this holiday season.

  1. Choose a Fun Theme.

Your holiday office party in Detroit can be a blast for all those attending if you have an excellent theme planned out ahead of time. By having a theme in place, you and your team will have an easier time planning the rest of the office party. There might be some people in your office that don’t celebrate Christmas, so maybe it’s time to think of a different direction. An 80’s themed party will be fun for an office full of silly and open-minded people. Think outside the box when it comes to themes and keep your co-workers’ diversity in mind while planning.

  1. Make a Reasonable Budget.

Holiday office parties in Detroit don’t pay for themselves, and can often be quite expensive. Establishing a budget beforehand and sticking to it can ease the planning process. Knowing how much money you have to spend can help you determine a decent catered menu and venue. It can also help you decide if providing alcohol at the party is an option.

  1. Skip the Potluck – Hire a Detroit Catering Company.

Potluck holiday office parties in Detroit are standard fare for businesses of all shapes and sizes. However, for some Detroit companies, potlucks are the standard for every event. There are often leftovers and the employees may want to eat something they didn’t have to cook themselves. To save the hassle, hire a Detroit caterer for your holiday office party. A professional Detroit catering company is able to work with you to plan the size of the gathering, when food should arrive, what kinds of food should be served, and if anyone has any food allergies. Hiring a Detroit caterer also means that the food comes in their own serving trays, meaning no tedious cleanup. A Detroit catering service is a great way to make the holiday office party more special and make everyone happy with excellent cuisine.

  1. Welcome Families.

For many of your co-workers, spending time with their families during the holidays is important, especially if they have a spouse and children. Instead of allowing employees and their plus-one only, it might make everyone happy if their loved ones were invited as well. This gives them the chance to spend more time with them this holiday season, and will also help to prevent any inappropriate behavior from happening. Not to mention, when families are involved, it gives you the opportunity to set-up fun games everyone can enjoy.

When you’re making the plans for this year’s holiday office party in Detroit, remember to keep these pointers in mind. Consider hiring a Detroit catering company to tackle the food and give everyone the gift of a night free from cooking and cleaning, as well as a special treat of professionally prepared food.

Make Your Holiday Office Party Catering in Detroit A Success – Hire a Detroit Catering Company

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