The Latest and Greatest In Metro Detroit Breakfast Catering 

Metro Detroit Breakfast CateringWhat is it about omelets? It’s hard to imagine another classic breakfast food so delicious and popular. At least part of it’s popularity lies in the ability to make it your own. While a sausage biscuit varies little from chef to chef, an omelet is a new taste sensation with each new ingredient added. If you’re planning to cater a breakfast event, omelet station catering is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Read on to discover the latest and greatest in this style of breakfast catering. 

The Morning’s Entertainment 

Just about everyone loves to see their food prepared fresh right in front of them. The omelet station is no exception. When you choose Metro Detroit breakfast catering, you’ll enjoy watching a trained chef whip up a tasty masterpiece before your eyes. A good chef knows how to create an omelet that’s neither runny nor rubbery in a short matter of time.

Be sure to let your chef know how you like your omelet best. Customizing it is what makes the event all the more fun!

A Little Something for Everyone

Whether you want your omelet with all the fixings or light and fluffy, you’ll be able to make it happen at the station. Typical ingredients to choose from include green pepper, onion, mushrooms, sausage, American or cheddar cheese, bacon and more. Your guests can also include a side of fried potatoes and bakery treats for a real delight.

With some many options for Metro Detroit breakfast catering personalization, it’ll be easy to satisfy picky eaters. When you have a big group to feed at breakfast, this type of station is the ideal starting place. Be sure to discuss ingredient options with your caterer before the event. Planning for dietary concerns and individual tastes before the event helps to avoid any mishaps later on.

A Well-Rounded Complement

Part of what makes a catered breakfast so entertaining is trying a little of everything. Your guests probably won’t just stop with the station. However, unlike heavier breakfast foods, an omelet goes well with other classics. Break out the bakery assortments like Danishes, muffins and bagels without fear. Let everyone indulge in breakfast sausages and colorful fruit spreads. Omelets fit a diverse plate perfectly! It’s hard to go wrong with eggs, cheese, meat and vegetables.

A Great Start to Your Day

Whether you’re planning a medium sized get-together or huge shindig, you can rely on your Metro Detroit breakfast catering to get everyone fed. A plain omelet has somewhere around 100 calories with 6 grams of protein and 10% of the recommended Vitamin D intake. Guests can make it as healthy or indulgent as they wish. Regardless, they’ll get a nice dose of protein and nutrients to start the day off right. That’s a lot more nutritious than a bowl of sugary cereal flakes.

The Latest and Greatest In Metro Detroit Breakfast Catering

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